The legendary Aston Martin

I am pretty sure all of us are familiar with the legendary Aston Martin models. Putting the emphasis on high-thrill performance and a discrete elegance this brand has made an enormous name for itself with the passing of time.


aston martin 1The first Aston Martin dates back to 1914 and calls to our minds its two founders, Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. The brand took its name from co-founder Martin and the Aston Clinton Hill Climb, where car competitions were organized. The first Martin competition car was produced in 1921 and its speed and quality charmed the whole world at the first place. At the beginning they were mostly made for racing circles. Then, when the war finished the producers started to focus on designing road cars. The so-called DB car series appeared in 1950’s and their further developments last since then.

aston martin

To list some from the recent and most famous Aston models we can mention the well-known Vanquish S, the DB9, the exotic DBS, the Rapid and so on.

Thanks to the continuous improvements, by now the Aston Martins are the world’s most desirable cars. As they have amazing appearance, you surely get the respect of other road users while driving. The incredible production strategy, value, quality and competitive advantage are all keywords, which can perfectly describe an Aston Martin prototype.

aston martin 2

On the other side, beside all their luxury, these cars have some disadvantages as well. The servicing costs are very high and when problems occur the reparation is even more expensive.

All in all if you are in such a situation that you can afford to have an Aston Martin, you surely won’t regret buying it.


Chanelle Lee’s lifestyle

Chanelle Lee is trying to get into commercial mdelling and acting too, she’s been working in the industry for over six years. She already appeared in several music videos, commercials and tv productions, Áetho’s and FRS Energy + Endurance commercials are two of them.

lifestyle-101Her new appearance will be in a TV show, Miss Swimsuit Centrefold, which is a reality show and swimsuit pageant. She is going to be one of the 50 beautiful girls to compete to be the crowed Miss Swimsuit Centrefold. The competition will last a week, in the heart of tropical Mexico and it will create its own distinctive approach by combining an actual reality competition with items of scripted drama, this show is an unforgettable experience and a unique opportunity in modelling for all the wonderful participant ladies. If you are interested in more details about the competition, you can check their website Continue reading

Competition Analysis- know your competitors

In the world of business people are constantly in competition with each other. And mostly cutthroat competitions reign. Those dictate even the online markets, the most important one is how to be stronger than ones rivals. That is one of the main reasons why Competition Analysis is another one of the Search Engine Optimization strategies.


What is a good competitor strategy?

It will work on every possible way to get higher ranking and become a strong rival in business, and most importantly it will convince the customers and potential clients about how good a website and it’s services are and it will help selling the advertised products or services. Continue reading